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About KT Glitz

I am KT Glitz, I'm a bit Trans, a bit Glam, a lot Goth and a little bit Ooh-la-la! I've often referred to myself as a Glamvestite.

I've been into goth music since about 1985 but I've never been a one trick pony. My musical interests are as diverse as my dress sense and change with the wind from time to time but goth has always been there for me!

My first trip to Whitby Goth Weekend was in April 2009, making me a relative newcomer. I added my exploits to my personal blog as each day went along and I've blogged every WGW trip that I've attended since then. I was astounded to have Jo Hampshire get in touch and ask me to be the "official" WGW blogger. I didn't have to think too hard before I accepted, especially as she insisted I continue to give a warts and all account, as I have always written it, rather than just corporate blah. I hope you enjoy reading about what goes on at each WGW and that you get a little insight into what makes us goths tick and what goes into attending an event like WGW.

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