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Magic Eight Ball

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Magic Eight Ball to perform at Whitby Goth Weekend on Saturday, 22nd April 2017.

At Whitby Goth Weekend, it's no secret that we like to devote our first slots on stage to the 'cutting edge' - many of whom we're introducing to our audience for the first time. Magic Eight Ball is our latest choice; the immensely creative, immensely busy and constantly genre-crossing opus of Baz Francis, PD Doling and Robbie Holland. As a group, they're almost impossible to pin down as a single genre or style.

We feel a great affinity to their philosophy, with one of the most diverse ranges of influences you're likely to find out there, spanning classique Goth, rock, britpop and Jazz - and, in his own words;

"I'm often happiest at home with my cats, guitars and collection of teas - as I can't stand going out just for the sake of it."

Their latest album, Richest Men in the Graveyard, is their darkest work to date, and sealed them their place in the WGW Line up. Check it out!