Whitby Virgins

Not everyone has been to the Whitby Goth Weekend for the umpteenth time and we realise that new people can find it a bit daunting. First timers are known as Whitby Virgins.
With this in mind, Loki offers on behalf of WGW this advice for (Whitby) Virgins.

There will be a (Whitby) Virgins meeting in the Spa on Friday at 11am ready for a 11:15am start. Ask at the information desk where to go, there will als be announcements in the Spa Foyer at the time.

At the meeting you will meet a number of staff from WGW, there will be a programme of whatís happing and where, plus you will received a map of the locations you may like to know about.
If you miss the meeting donít worry as Loki will probably be around the Spa anyway. Donít be shy and say ďhelloĒ he wonít bite!! (but he may ask for a single malt whisky for his troubles ;-)

Some more advice . . Donít try to drink Whitby dry on the first night; you will surprised how many miss the second day because they tried to do just that.
Like any venue donít leave bags and drinks unattended, they may not be there when you get back.

Please do not get thrown out of your accommodation for trying to get 20 plus people in your room for a party, it will ruin your weekend and may lead the owner to stop taking bookings for WGW in the future.

If there is something else you need to know ask at the information desk.
Be kind to the WGW staff behind the information desk, they are doing their best and they want to enjoy the weekend as well.

Enjoy the town of Whitby, it has many interesting places to visit and most of the locals are friendly.

At any time if you canít get an answer from the information desk or you are lost etc. give Loki a call on 07866077394 (warning mobile phone coverage in Whitby is poor).

Have a great time at WGW and remember the WGW staff are there to help in anyway they can.

About Loki: Loki played with Inkubus Sukkubus on the first WGW and has never missed a WGW since. He is now a resident DJ at Slimelight, London since 2002.