The dates for the next event are 21st-23rd April 2017, and tickets are available from the website shop.
Confirmed acts are:


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    If there’s one thing that can be constantly said about Toyah, it’s that she’s prolific. Whitby Goth Weekend isn’t her only step on the 2017 tour, and there’s an impressive schedule already available on her official website.

    There’s also some brand new posters due to be sold on tour – check them out and look for them on her merch stand at Whitby Goth Weekend on Friday the 21st of April 2017! We can’t wait!

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    As their oxymoronic name suggests, Bad Pollyanna represents a mix of both beauty and darkness. The band explores and celebrates the duality of love, sex and the human condition through music and art.

    Their debut album “Monstrous Child” takes us on the journey of a young woman kidnapped by a grieving scientist who uses her to resurrect his deceased lover in the form of a doll – with disastrous consequences. Having being transformed into a monster, she sets out on a journey to discover the meaning of love, life and the sweet yet bitter taste of revenge.

    Bad Pollyanna believe that you should be whoever you want to be rather than what someone else or indeed society in general thinks you should be. They are proudly sponsored by cult make-up brand Illamasqua , with whom they have released the first ever official charity single “Invincible Girl” for the incredible Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

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    Whitby Goth Weekend® is delighted to welcome Deviant UK to the Spring 2017 event.

    Since materialising in 2004, Jay Smith’s Deviant UK has established itself as a force to be reckoned with on the dark alternative scene. The long-awaited debut album ‘Barbed Wire Star’ was released in September 2006, spawning the anthemic club hits ‘Raptured Saints’ & ‘Access Denied!’. Their unique sound is powerful, distinctive & instantly accessible. Deviant UK is masterminded by devilish singer, songwriter and frontman Jay Smith. On the gothic scene, this is as close as we have to the cartoon pop star, a self-confessed minor celebrity who never fails to provoke a reaction from the underground scene. With tongue often firmly embedded in cheek, Smith is nothing if not aware of his own caricature.

    Musically, this is dark synthetic pop with a black granite heart, fusing pumping electronics to dancefloor beats while Smith’s snarling, angst-ridden vocals coat every song in ice. It is this very understanding of pop science that stands Deviant UK head and shoulders above their peers. Driven by distinctive imagery and huge stage presence, the influences are worn proudly on the sleeve but Smith has developed a unique sound and engages audiences head-on with an overwhelming confidence that is equal parts arrogance, charisma and psychosis.

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    Healthy Junkies to perform at Whitby Goth Weekend on Friday 21st April 2017.

    Please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Healthy Junkies, who will be opening two nights of awesome noise at Whitby Goth Weekend!

    Lead singer Nina Coursen and her band mix a range of influences including Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Blondie, Killing Joke,Sonic Youth, Bauhaus and Bowie, to create exciting and energetic punk.

    “We play what we feel like playing and don’t feel the need to compromise or fit in. The world right now is in a state of chaos – and is getting worse on so many levels so we feel that we need live music more than ever to either take us away from this or help us face it.”


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    Our headliner for April the 22nd, 2017 is the irreplaceable Aurelio Voltaire – one of our most popular returnees.

    Beyond being a musician, director, writer, artist, designer, sculptor, animator, etc etc etc, Aurelio Voltaire is a great flagship for how it ‘should’ be done – up to, and including, clear, concise communication with fans using his regular Nooseletter!

    Catch the latest about Voltaire’s upcoming album, his Gothic Homemaking webseries, his touring plans and more, while going on a jolly trek through the jungle…

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    Abney Park is a band based in Seattle USA that mixes elements of industrial dance, world music, and steampunk influenced lyrics in their work. Their name comes from Abney Park Cemetery in London (UK). Formerly a goth band, Abney Park has transformed their look and sound and has come to be known by some as the “quintessential” steampunk band.

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    Old school punk rock. Like, REALLY old school. Genuine 100% actual Londoners, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing come from a past which probably never happened via a present they didn’t want. Less steampunk and more “SteamPUNK”, the British four piece mix Anarchy and Anachrony in equal measure. Expect a robot Sid Vicious covering Slayer in an 1877 East End Music Hall: a murky mix of Doctor Who, Doctor Watson and Doctored History. Not for the faint hearted or those of a delicate disposition.

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    Magic Eight Ball to perform at Whitby Goth Weekend on Saturday, 22nd April 2017.

    At Whitby Goth Weekend, it’s no secret that we like to devote our first slots on stage to the ‘cutting edge’ – many of whom we’re introducing to our audience for the first time. Magic Eight Ball is our latest choice; the immensely creative, immensely busy and constantly genre-crossing opus of Baz Francis, PD Doling and Robbie Holland. As a group, they’re almost impossible to pin down as a single genre or style.

    We feel a great affinity to their philosophy, with one of the most diverse ranges of influences you’re likely to find out there, spanning classique Goth, rock, britpop and Jazz – and, in his own words;

    “I’m often happiest at home with my cats, guitars and collection of teas – as I can’t stand going out just for the sake of it.”

    Their latest album, Richest Men in the Graveyard, is their darkest work to date, and sealed them their place in the WGW Line up. Check it out!